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$420 per year
Year-round access
Billed annually
Utilize optional services
Includes all features
$336 per year
Access Mar. 1st - Oct. 1st
Billed annually
Includes all features
Utilize optional services
No check-in
Access Mar. 1st - Oct. 1st
Billed as needed
All features except check-in
Utilize optional services

Optional Services

Facility Passes

Member Lookup (No Passes)...Free
Classic Passes...$1 per pass
ePasses...$350 per year
Classic Pass Mailing Options
Directly to Patron (daily)...$3 per household
To Management (daily)...$3 per household
To Management (upon request)...$25 per order

Application Portal

Application Portal Fee...$200 per year
Signed Documents (waivers)...$1 per submission
Approval Options
Full-Service: Online...$2 per submission
Full-Service: Paper...$10 per submission
Multi-Service Discount...Save $200

Payment Processing Fees

Payment Processing Fee...5% + $1 per transaction
Patron Payment Dispute Fee...$40 + Payment

Client Support

Email Support...Free
Support Document Library...Free
Live Support...Free

Recommended Hardware

Laptop Computer...$905
2D Barcode Scanner...$85
Shipping & Handling...$25

Download printer friendly brochure & pricing list for board meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Plans are best for very small communities or single lifeguard pools that do not utilize the check-in or statistics features. Clients who subscribe to our free plan generally utilize additional services such as photo-ID pass printing and application processing.

Annual Plans are best for indoor facilities or clubs that utilize the software year-round. Clients can check-in and add members. They can utilize the printing, application, invoicing, and statistics features.

Seasonal Plans are less expensive but access to the software is limited to March 1st through October 1st. It’s designed for summer pools that are not managed in the off-season. The database is saved, and data is retained in the off-season. Seasonal plans can upgrade to an annual plan at any time.

This service allows clients to minimize their involvement while allowing patrons to receive passes or access quickly. AGS staff will process submitted applications, pass orders, and support tickets on your behalf.

Clients that incur $200 in pass printing, application processing, or payment processing fees via the application portal do not pay the application portal fee next year.

Full-Service Clients

Yes – AGS staff will monitor and resolve support tickets on your behalf. To keep our prices low, we cannot offer telephone support, nor do we operate a call center.

Self-Service Clients

No – We are here to teach administrators, property managers, and board members how to provide patron support quickly and easily.

Our clients use a variety of PCs, smart phones, tablets, 2D QR barcode scanners, operating systems, and web browsers to access our services.

We recommend using a PC running Windows 10 to access our web portal via Microsoft Edge paired with a 2D QR barcode scanner.

Laptops purchased though Access Granted Systems will be configured and ready to use out of the box. We’ll do the following:

  • Bookmark community website & software portals
  • Bookmark lifeguard/attendant help documents and instructions
  • Add one (1) generic attendant/lifeguard user

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