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Households Served

A Streamlined Process

  • One step for patrons (no secret codes, lockouts, or administrator involvement)
  • Simple click to approve
  • Auto-print & mail passes
  • Auto-send ePasses

Online & Paper Submissions

  • We create a paper application that mirrors the online version.

Fee Collection & Payment Options

  • Charge Convenience Fee
  • Charge per Household
  • Charge per Patron
  • Charge per Replacement Pass
  • Charge per Membership Type

Communication Tools

  • Community receives PDF of application
  • Patrons receive application status updates
    • Approval notice
    • Suspended notice
    • Hold notice
    • Decline notice

Custom Built

  • Custom Membership Types
  • Collect Waivers
  • Collect Unique Facility Information
    • For Example: Owner vs. Renter


  • Full-Service allows clients to minimize their involvement while allowing patrons to receive passes or access quickly. AGS staff will process submitted applications on your behalf.

Screen Shots