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Full Service

Clients may elect to have our employees manage their application submissions.  This service is designed for clients to minimize their involvement but wish their patrons to receive access.  Most clients qualify for free application processing.

A Streamlined Process

  • One step for patrons (No secret codes, lockouts, or administrator involvement)
  • Simple Click to Approve
  • Auto-Print & Mail Passes

Online & Paper Submissions

  • We create a paper application that mirrors the online version.

Collect Fees & Payments

  • Charge Convenience Fee
  • Charge per Household
  • Charge per Patron
  • Charge per Replacement Pass
  • Charge per Membership Type

Communication Tools

  • Community Receives PDF of Application
  • Patrons Receive Application Status Updates
    • Approval Notice
    • Suspended Notice
    • Hold Notice
    • Decline Notice

Custom Built

  • Custom Membership Types
  • Collect Waivers
  • Collect Unique Facility Information
    • Owner vs. Renter