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A Worry-Free Experience

  • Ready to use out of the box. 
  • Simply sign in.
  • Keep staff on task.
    • Only approved apps.
    • No YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, etc.

Free Support

  • We remotely support all devices.
  • Updates are auto pushed to devices.
  • We remotely fix technical issues.
  • Free overnight replacements.
    • Cracked screens, accidents, etc.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro

Galaxy Tab 3
10.1'' Rugged Tablet 64 GB ...$690 per 6 months

Purchase Hardware

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Choose your hardware option.  We’ll ship it to you.
  2. Return your package when your facility closes for the season.
  3. Renew your subscription next season.

Yes. You’ll schedule the best day for your package to arrive.  This way it will arrive not to early and not too late.

The 6-month rental period is April 1st to October 1st.

A return slip and directions are included when your package arrives.

Contact your AGS account representative if you need a new return slip.

Yes & No 

We’ll always pay to ship a package to you. You’ll always pay to ship the package back to us.


If we can’t remotely fix your device, simply ship it back to us.  We’ll ship you a new package.

Yes. There is a $400 lost device fee.

However, our devices are equipped with geo location and loss prevention technology.  We’ll work with you to find your device.  You’ll only have to pay the lost device fee if it’s unrecovered.

In addition, devices are locked and only run AGS approved apps.  Our devices won’t be any fun for crooks (or staff members).


After the first 6 months, there is a 40% discount for continuous use.  Billing switches to monthly.

Thats OK.  You may return the package when your facility closes.  We’ll only charge the one month extra.

You may keep your package year-round and use it next year.  After the first 6 months, there is a 40% discount for continuous use.  Billing switches to monthly.


You may still return the package.  You’ll only be charged for the extra months you kept the package.


Any internet connected device will work.

Please CLICK HERE to read our help article.